International Students

The Chemisch Dispuut Leiden (CDL) is the study association for chemistry students in Leiden. For only 10 euros you can become a member and this will be valid for the rest of your studies! 

Why become a member? Well here's why!

The CDL organizes many, academic, career-related and social activities throughout the year, including company visits, lectures, parties and study trips! Also, the CDL provides a discount book sale webshop which you can find here. For international students, CDL proves a warmhearted community that provides a strong basis to get to know more people with similar interests.

As a member, you will be able to participate in our activities and take part in one of the committees. We are always looking for members who are creative, active and willing to be part of the CDL. Besides that, the CDL has its own room (located next to the Science Club), which is open every day from 08:45 h until 17:00 h. Here you can drop by to chill or drink a FREE cup of coffee. 

If you are interested in joining this association you can send an email to or drop by at the CDL room! 

Master Committee  

The master committee is a unique collaboration between the CDL and LIFE. It is not simply a collaboration between master students from the masters Chemistry and Life Science & Technology but also an internationally oriented committee: it was the first committee of the CDL and LIFE in which international students took part! This made the committee a mixed group of people, which only turned out to be very positive! The committee strives to organize activities that brings all the master students together and strengthen their (chemical) bond. We can hereby think of two different types of activities: social activities and master lectures.

Education Committee

The Education Committee keeps an eye on the quality of the master Chemistry. Each year three Chemistry students take part in this Educational Committee via elections. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions or suggestions to improve your education. 

Career networking & workshops Company visits Summer football tournament Study trip to Japan (2018) Annual Christmas dinner
Educational Committee