Lustrum Trip

The Lustrum Trip Committee (LRC) organises an amazing study trip abroad every lustrum. The original Lustrum Trip was planned for the summer of 2021, but was delayed for one year due to covid-19. This year, the CDL will travel to Norway during the summer! From 10 July through 24 July we will visit Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim!


Registrations for the Lustrum Trip are open until 1 February 2022! You can register by filling in this form and sending it to 

The LRC consists of the following people:

Jasmijn Bergsma - Chairperson
Sven Joziasse - Secretary
Mart Bijsterbosch - Treasurer
Lise van den Bos - Commissioner of Acquisition
Evi van der Horst - Commissioner of Logistics
Thomas van Roeden - Q.Q.